The President is headed to Davos. In “Trump in the World,” Amy Davidson Sorkin asks, “How can someone so ‘America first’ attend an event so globally minded?” Source: Newyorker {$excerpt:n}

Alex Watt writes a humorous proposal for Ballet 4 DUDEZ, a new style of the art form that is tailored to appeal to dudes. Source: Newyorker {$excerpt:n}

Fiction by Jhumpa Lahiri: “After just a few hours, it’s as if they’d always lived here. The things they’ve brought for a week in the country are scattered all over the place.” Source: Newyorker {$excerpt:n}

Anna Russell on the women who demonstrated in New York, Washington, and other cities to mark the anniversary of the Women’s Marches that followed Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration. Source: Newyorker {$excerpt:n}

John Cassidy joins Dorothy Wickenden to discuss what Republicans are accomplishing in the midst of Trump’s tweets and budgetary chaos on Capitol Hill. Source: Newyorker {$excerpt:n}